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Piano Movers

At 1-Call Movers, Vancouver's best moving company, we know how difficult it can be to find competent movers that will treat your piano with the care and respect needed when moving it.

This is why 1-Call Movers has an elite team of professional piano moving experts with years of piano moving experience, who specialize in piano moves and installations. You can leave the care and concern for your precious piano in the hands of our experienced piano moving specialists. We guarantee that only the experienced professional members of our piano moving crew will be involved in your move to insure the highest level of care.

As the best local piano moving company we take great care with every last detail when we move your piano. With this in mind we will consult with you about the age, style, shape, size and weight of your piano before we give an estimate or arrange the move.

Once we gather all the information needed we will look at the logistics, no matter how complex, and decide the best plan of action to move your solid, heavy but fragile musical instrument.

Every piano is different however there are some basics when it comes to moving a piano.

To give you an idea of how we move pianos let's break down the basic steps:

1) Before lifting the piano onto our special piano moving skid, we remove the piano lid, pedal box and each leg, wrapping each piece in a protective blanket.

2) After wrapping the piano in a blanket, we shrink wrap around the blanket.  

3) We prepare the skid with padding then we then gently lay the piano on it's side on the skid.

4) The piano will then be secured on the skid with heavy duty straps to insure it does not move while being moved to our truck.

To request a quote for your piano move please fill out the form Estimate.

Please give us as many details as possible while filling out the form. Let us know the type of piano you would like moved (with measurements), pick up & delivery addresses, as well as any special requirements you may have.

We will review your information and contact you to discuss the details and arrange a date that works best for you.

Rest assured we have the experience to overcome any obstacles or situations that may be seem impossible with your piano move. We welcome any questions you may have about moving your piano, please feel free to ask.

1 Call Movers prides itself on being Vancouver's best piano moving company and as such we take great care and consideration with every move we make.