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Preparing to Move

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At 1-Call Movers we understand that time is consuming when we need to move. That's why we want to give you some pointers to consider before coming the day for your move.

Check list before the day you move. This list applies for the two locations of your move:

       Book the elevator on the day you need to move. Also take care about electronic key, key to block the elevator and protection for the elevator, the manager of the building or whoever is in charge to protect the elevator and borrow the block key.

       Reserve the space for parking as close as possible to your building, consider a space of 25’ ft for our truck plus 17’ ft for our ramp.

       Normally we start with boxes, whatever is fragile leave apart from the other boxes and let us know about it.

       The last items we put inside our truck are: picture, frames, mirrors, flat screen TV and lamps.

In some buildings the property manager or the building manager have policies, schedules or rules regarding the time you can move or use all the facilities for the building like the elevator and the parking lot. If in case you don't follow their polices, you are subject to a fine paid a ticket or may lose your deposit. We recommend speaking with your building manager to book the elevator and the parking lot before your move.

Another important point to reduce your moving time:

      If you use cardboard boxes try to stack them 4 boxes high, which eases the load on the dolly and increases our efficiency, thus reducing the time of your move. Please re-enforce the bottom of the box as cardboard boxes may collapse or rip. The sides may also need to be re-enforced. We offer plastic totes for rent if this is easier.

       Try to reduce the number of small loose items; these are time-consuming because we need to handle item by item.

Some factors that affect your move time includes:

       The overall amount of furniture and boxes to be loaded into the truck and the number of movers you select to assist with your move.

       The requirements for disassembling and assembling furniture and the amount of furniture required to be wrapped.

These below points are the strongest points regarding time consumption:

       The distance and factors from your home to the moving truck, which may include hallways, an elevator (which vary in size and speed), stairs, and walkways.

       If any special items need to be moved with extra care for example: a freezer, piano, heater, or other heavy items.

How you can calculate approximately how long your move will take?

     - You can count and time how many steps are between the farthest item in your house (and your house-to-be) to where we will park the truck, plus 15 steps more. Once you have the time measured, you can multiply it by the number of boxes and items you have which will give you a rough estimate of how long it will take to move. Take into consideration the travel distance between moving locations. 

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