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Rent Plastic Moving Boxes Vancouver

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Rent Plastic Moving Boxes Vancouver, Burnaby and all Lower Mainland

When the time has come for your move, one point of stress is when you spend your time in search of boxes: looking, finding, and delivery (bus or taxi) of supposedly clean cardboard boxes. In addition, you need to buy tape, tape guns, and spend time assembling boxes that sometimes fall apart during the move. Then after you move, these cardboard boxes need to get recycled. In this way, you are spending money, energy and time in this time of stress. 1-Call Movers offers Plastic Rental Totes totes which make great economic sense for your move.


We have an alternative solution for you; the principal benefit of using our service 1-Call Movers Plastic Rental Boxes is 100% reusable. We have plastic moving boxes for rent to help you move safely. We will deliver and pick up our affordable rental totes straight to your door, so you don't need to go box-hunting.

Our Roughneck plastic boxes cost $3.00 each (minimum rent 27 boxes) for 12 Days: 6 days to pack, 1 day for your moving day, and 5 days to unpack.


Please select the package required from our list:


One Bedroom: 27 Boxes   $81.00

Includes: 9 small, 9 medium, 9 large         $8.00 every additional day


Two Bedrooms: 33 Boxes  $99.00

Includes: 11 small, 11 medium, 11 large   $11.50 every additional day


Three Bedrooms: 39 Boxes   $117.00

Includes: 13 small, 13 medium 13 large    $15.00 every additional day


Four Bedrooms: 48 Boxes   $144.00

Includes: 16 small, 16 medium, 16 large   $18.00 every additional day



Packing Paper: 10 lbs wrapping paper         $25.00

The most suitable material for packing fragile china, glassware and more.




After you select your package follow these simple steps to order it:


1. - Place your order by Contact Us or Text.

        Let us know what you’d like and when you’d like it delivered. We offer free delivery and pick up within Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver. All other areas of the Lower Mainland $20.00 fuel charge will apply. You will receive an email, text or call from us letting you know that your order has been processed. 


2. - We deliver your order to your home or business.

        Your order arrives clean, neatly nested and ready to use. No box or packing tape required. No more wasted time scrounging for boxes from local stores or dumpster diving for old messy boxes. Our crates save time, money and energy, not to mention any garbage at the end.   


3. - Pack and Move

        Moving Crates are great, but if you are interested in having someone help you move, get a free no obligation Moving Estimate from our moving division. Click here please: Estimate


Our suggestion on packing using our plastic boxes is:

We rent three different sizes of boxes because your house hold items are not all the same size or weight. Heavy items such as books, CDS, and plates can go in the smaller size box while pots, pans, toys, etc. can go inside the bigger boxes. Believe us, you and the movers will appreciate the different size boxes when lifting them. Also they are easy to stack.


Trust the Roughneck Storage Box to keep your things secure during your move. The robust container can withstand harsh treatment, and are weather resistant, made with a durable polyethylene material for a lifetime of durability and strength. When damaged, plastic totes use 40% less energy to recycle, represent 96% less solid waste, and result in 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


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