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Service Name

2 Movers

Time Duration

1 hour of T.T. plus weight fee

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New Westminster,BC

Discarding Unwanted Stuff Vancouver

1-Call Movers can also remove your unwanted items.
From time to time, we all have old stuff that we must discard of. We can help take away all your old, useless items from your apartment, house, garage, place of commerce, office, and store.
We make sure that all your unwanted items get disposed of properly.
By disposing of all your unwanted items properly, we are all contributing to a healthier and greener environment.
Some of your old but intact furniture gets donated.
All appliances and electronics get recycled.
Cardboard boxes get recycled.

Our Rates

This service we start with 1 hour of traveling time plus the weight fee of the stuff
Our plain and simple rates:
To dispose of one item we charge 1 hour of work including travel time plus the fee of the item; for additional items add $15 per item. This rate only applies to Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver. Also; If the item most to be inside and we need to bring a second person to help bring the item out we will charge $47.50 dollars extra for the second person.
The item can be any of the following: sofa, dining table and chairs, bed, stove, fridge, TV etc.

The items must be less then 200 Lbs

  • Mattress or Spring Box there is an additional charge of $30.00 each to recycle.
  • 3 Seats Couch charge of $30.00 each to recycle.
  • For additional items add $15 per item
  • No construction items. (ask about this in case you need to disposal)

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How does our system work?

Let me show you a sample with this Discarding Unwanted Stuff Service:

  • Two Movers and 3.5 Tons truck we charge only the traveling time at $120.00
Our service start with the traveling time charge.
After that, we need to calculate the weight of your items, we can put like $15 per peace.
only this items are charge by $30.00: Matresses, Spring box, and 3 seat couch.

Lets said you have these items:

  • One 3 seat caouch $30
  • One Matresse $30
  • One Spring Box $30
  • One Dresser $15

The total bill will be like that:
$30 Couch + $30 Matress + $30 Spring + $15 Dresser + $120 Traveling time = $225.00

All sample we need to add it 5% GST Tax
Note: Plase ask about details for this service.